Certificates of Deposit - If you are looking for Certificate of Deposits - we have a variety of ones to choose from! Whether its a REGULAR 3-6-12-24 month CD or a $200 PIRATES CLUB CD , a $500 FYI CLUB, or our SMART SAVER CD - we're sure you'll be pleased! Terms are available from 3 months - 5 years!

Pirates Club-Designed for our members ages 12 and under. The purpose of this club is to encourage our youngest members to save their own money. To open a PIRATES CLUB ACCOUNT requires a $10 membership fee. This $10 must stay in the account for as long as your child is a member. For every $10 deposit you make into your JMCU Pirates Club account - you get your card punched! You get to visit our Treasure Chest. When your card is completely punched you get to select a KID FUN Certificate. A PIRATES CLUB member is eligible to open a $200 Certificate of Deposit!

FYI (Future Young Investors)-Ages 13-17 requires a minimum deposit of $25 which has to stay in the account to keep it open.have the opportunity to apply for a loan up to $250.00 (certain requirements do apply) and Ages 16-18 can apply for loans up to $500 (certain requirements do apply). FYI Account holders will receive a punch card ($100 = 10 punches). Every $10 deposit earns you a punch on your card. When card is completely punched you get to select a $10 gift card (maximum gift card amount per calendar month is $10). OTHER SERVICES AVAILABLE TO THIS AGE GROUP : Checking Accounts, Visa Cards with a limit up to and including $500 (higher balances will be at the discretion of senior loan officer and must meet same requirements as for loans), and $500 Certificates of Deposit.

Smart Saver CD - Don't have $1,000.00 to start a CD? You only need $250 with the Smart Saver CD! There is an initial deposit of $250 and deposits of $25 or more must be made monthly following. Maturity date is 32 months and rates are subject to our 3 month certificate rate.