Checking & Savings

Rebate Checking - Let your checking account go to work for you. Earn 1.51% rebate on your average daily balance up to $25,000.

  • Rebates paid directly into your checking account
  • Refund up to $5.00 in foreign ATM fees
  • No minimum balance required
  • Maximum balance of $25,000
  • No monthly fees

Check your rebate status at .
To log in you will need your e-mail address and ID (the last 4 digits of your account number).


  • Valid e-mail address
  • Signed up for e-statements
  • At least 15 debit card transactions monthly
  • Direct deposit of at least $300 monthly
  • Enrolled in online banking

Regular Checking - We offer fewer fees and better service than some of those other financial institutions. That's because we want to help our members get more for less! Our regular checking accounts require NO minimum balance. NO monthly service fee. Overdraft protection (certain requirements apply).

Dividend Bearing - Open a dividend bearing share-draft account with us with an initial deposit of $100.00. We use the average daily balance method to calculate dividends and determine whether fees will be levied against the account. To avoid a fee an average daily balance of $500.00 must be maintained. Dividends are accrued and credited monthly. Average daily balances not maintained for the statement period will not accrue dividends for that particular period.

Business Checking - Open a small business checking account with only a $500.00 minimum balance required. This allows you 20 free cleared checks! (if more than 20 checks clear per month there is a $.08 fee per check that clears). For more information visit with a Member Service Representative.

You re-order checks by visiting your local branch!

Share Savings - Your savings account earns a competitive dividend rate that is paid quarterly.

Money Market - An initial deposit of $1000.00 opens a JMCU money market account. The average daily balance method will be used to calculate dividends. To avoid a fee an average daily balance of $2500.00 must be maintained. Regulation D states this type of account is only permitted up to six (6) preauthorized or automatic withdrawals, telephone transfers, or transfers initiated by personal computer to another account at the same credit union or to a third party during a calendar month or statement cycle, and no more than three (3) of these six transfers can be made by share draft, draft, debit card or similar order and payable to third parties.

Christmas Club - Sit back and enjoy the holidays this year! How? By opening a CHRISTMAS CLUB ACCOUNT ! Earn the same interest as our regular savings accounts. It's easy, simple and convenient to do payroll deduction. No required minimum deposit and your balance is transferred to your savings account the middle of October.

Vacation Club: Start saving for your vacation now!  No required minimum deposits, earns interest quarterly and you can withdraw the money at any time. Make it even more conveninet with payroll deduction.

Metro Advantage Club-You've worked hard for your money so why not enjoy some extra benefits from your credit union! If you are a member in good standing with us and you are 55 years or older then that's all you need to qualify! Enjoy "special member privileges" such as:

  • Free checking accounts
  • Free cashiers checks
  • Free money orders
  • Free notary service
  • Free ATM service
  • Fee-Free IRA's
  • Over-Draf t Protection (upon credit approval)
  • Discount of .25% rate on loans (discount does not apply however to Visa or Home Loans)
  • CD BONUS of an additional .10% (one-tenth of one-percent) earnings above the posted rate on Certificates of Deposits of $5,000 or more,
  • One Free Economy Box of Liberty Checks printed per year (one box equals 150 checks)
  • Direct Deposit of Social Security, pension, and payroll checks for ease of mind and security
  • Save 50% on Wire Transfer Charge


Pirates Club For Ages 0-12 - Start teaching your children at a young age to save by having them join our Pirates Club. Minimum deposit of $10 membership share which has to stay in account to keep it open. Kids receive fun pirate stuff when opening the account. Receive a punch card ($100 = 10 punches). Every $10 deposit in account earns your child a punch on their card and a trip to our treasure chest. When card is completely punched they receive a gift card. Maximum gift card amount per calendar month is $10. Pirate Club members are eligible to open a Share Certificate of Deposit with a minimum of only $200. Interest rates are based on the term of the Certificate of Deposit.

FYI - FUTURE YOUNG INVESTORS FOR AGES 13-17 - A minimum deposit of $10 membership share is required to open the account. This has to stay in the account to keep it open. FYI members receive a punch card ($100 = 10 punches) Every $10 deposit in account earns you a punch on your card.When card is completely punched FYI member receives a $10 gift card. Maximum gift card amount per calendar month is $10. FYI members are available for loans of $250-$500 (subject to approval). Checking accounts/debit cards/ATM cards available upon approval. Also eligible to open a Share Certificate of Deposit with a minimum of $500. Interest rates are based on the term of the Certificate of Deposit.