We're Different

Four Key Elements

What sets credit unions apart from other financial institutions?

Other financial institutions focus on money. From the start, credit unions have focuses on people, dreams and results.

The credit union difference is evident in four key ways: How credit unions are governed-How credit unions define their purpose-The benefits credit unions offer members and the values credit unions bring to their communities.

Governance: Credit unions are locally owned and their board of directors are members, elected by their fellow members. The decisions about the organization, direction, programs and policies that govern credit unions are based on the benefits they provide to members. Credit union board members are unpaid volunteers who understand their members needs and focus on ways to meet those needs. Other financial institutions answer to shareholders--so their bottom line is maximizing profits.

Purpose: The most important responsibility of credit unions is promoting the financial success of their members. Credit unions are not-for-profit. The money credit unions make does not pay dividends to stockholders. Profits are returned to their members.

Member Benefits: Money made by a credit union is invested in member benefits in many ways, including higher interest rates on savings and lower interest rates on loans. Credit unions reach out to a growing number of Missourians who can't get the financial help they need from other financial institutions.

Values: By helping members reach their financial goals, and build secure futures, credit unions strengthen their communities.  Without credit unions' commitment to their members' financial success, the people of Missouri would have fewer options and opportunities. Credit unions provide an important consumer choice. The values of credit unions reflect the values of their members. That's good for working people who dream of a better life.

I MAKE A DIFFERENCE AT MY CREDIT UNION. Join us today, we would love to have you as part of our family.