Online Banking

Joplin Metro Credit Union offers online banking through CU Online.  You may enroll here. This is an Internet based financial service offered to members of the credit union. This service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, providing credit union members with the flexibility to take care of many of their financial transactions without requiring them to visit the credit union.

Some of the services provided by CU Online contain personal financial information and require that you pre-register with the credit union to obtain a Password specifically for this service.

CU Online provides secure communications using 128-bit encryption security. Home Financial Services requires the use of a browser which supports at least 128-bit encryption. The browser that you are running determines which level of security will be used for your connection. If you are currently using a 40-bit encryption browser you will need to upgrade to a more secure 128-bit encryption browser, you may download the browser from either Netscape or Microsoft.