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Annual Meeting Notice


Dear Credit Union Members,

The Annual Meeting and Election of Joplin Metro Credit Union will be held on Thursday, July 30, 2020 at 6:30 p.m. (Registration begins at 5:45pm). Location to be determined.


There are two (2) terms expiring on the Board of Directors. The following two incumbent Directors have been re-nominated for election by the Nominating Committee:

Gretchen Caldwell – 3 year term

Richard Russell – 3 year term


The Nominating Committee has also accepted the following nominee for the Board of Director election:

David Suckow


At the Annual Meeting and Election on July 30, 2020 all persons nominated by either the Nominating Committee or by Petition shall be placed before the Members for a vote. When nominations are closed, tellers will be appointed by the Chair and ballots will be distributed. The vote will be taken and tallied by the Tellers of Election and the results announced. The election will be determined by plurality vote and will be by ballot. Nominations shall not be made from the floor unless sufficient nominations have not been made by the nominating committee or by petition to provide for one nominee for each position to be filed or circumstances prevent the candidacy of one nominee for a position to be filled. Only those positions without a nominee shall be subject to nominations from the floor. The results of the Annual Election will be announced at the Annual Meeting.


If you are interested in serving on our Board of Directors or Supervisory Committee please contact our office @ 417-623-9816 no later than Monday, June 15, 2020 for more details. Certain qualifications and guidelines apply. Your completed application will be forwarded to the nominating committee for review and consideration.