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Checking Accounts

Business Checking

Some financial institutions don't offer free business checking accounts if your average monthly balance is below $5,000 or if your business is just starting out. At JMCU a minimum balance of $500 required and needs to be maintained at all times so that a service fee...

Dividend Bearing

Deposits earn interest while remaining accessible. If you like to keep a higher balance in your checking account rather than savings, this might be the account for you. An initial deposit of $100 is required An average daily balance of $500 must be maintained to avoid...

Regular Checking

We offer fewer fees and better service than some of those other financial institutions. That's because we want to help our members get more for less! Our regular checking accounts require NO minimum balance. NO monthly service fee. Overdraft protection...

Rebate Checking

Let your checking account go to work for you. Earn 1.51% rebate on your average daily balance up to $25,000.

Money Market

What is a Money Market Account? It's an account that allows you to earn higher interest rates while still being able to make 6 pre-authorized or automatic withdrawals per calendar month. An initial deposit of $1,000.00 is required An average daily balance of $2,500...