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Individual Retirement Accounts

Roth | Traditional | Educational

Roth IRA

If you don’t need the tax break right now, choosing this IRA makes for a  more flexible investment. That means you can withdraw regular contributions, not earnings* at any time and it’s tax-free and penalty free. You do not have to take mandatory distributions as age 70-1/2 and the amount you can contribute is increasing.

*Earnings can be only withdrawn if you are age 59-1/2

Traditional IRA

Wanting to take a possible tax reduction right now? This IRA is the one for you. It also makes sense if you are expecting to pay taxes at a significantly lower rate in retirement.

Educational IRA

This is the perfect IRA for parents wanting to give their child or children the gift of education.

Contributions to an educational IRA are never tax-deductible; however, an educational IRA offers you the potential for tax-free withdrawals, including earnings.

Not intended as tax advice – please consult a tax professional. All IRA accounts are insured up to $250,000 by NCUA