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Savings Accounts

Reaching your goals through savings

Individual Retirement Account

Roth IRA If you don't need the tax break right now, choosing this IRA makes for a  more flexible investment. That means you can withdraw regular contributions, not earnings* at any time and it's tax-free and penalty free. You do not have to take mandatory...

Certificates of Deposit

If you are looking for Certificate of Deposits – we have a variety of ones to choose from!

FYI-Future Young Investors

Ages 15–17 A minimum deposit of $25 membership share is required to open the account. This has to stay in the account to keep it open. FYI Members receive a gift when they open the account and they receive a gift when they come into our lobby during the month of their...

Metro Advantage Club

Age 55+ You've worked hard for your money so why not enjoy some extra benefits from your credit union! If you are a member in good standing with us and you are 55 years or older then that's all you need to qualify! Enjoy "special member privileges" such as: Free...

Vacation Club

Vacation Club No Minimum Deposit! Start saving for your vacation now! No required minimum deposits, earns interest quarterly and you can withdraw the money at any time. Make it even more convenient with payroll deduction.

Christmas Club

Sit back and enjoy the holidays this year! How? By opening a CHRISTMAS CLUB ACCOUNT ! Earn the same interest as our regular savings accounts. It's easy, simple and convenient to do payroll deduction. No required minimum deposit and your balance is transferred to your...

Regular Savings

A minimum of $25 membership share required and $25.00 must remain in your savings account for as long as you are a member of the credit union. Your savings account earns a competitive dividend rate that is paid quarterly. If closed within the first 90 days, there will...

Little Savers

Start teaching your children at a young age to save by having them join our Little Savers Club.