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Helping JMCU Families

During the holidays It’s getting close to that time of year where families are making plans for Thanksgiving or thinking of Christmas get-togethers. However, there are some of our member families that find themselves struggling and needing a little extra help during...
Golden Paws

Golden Paws

Presentation of Check During the month of August our employees could pay to “dress down” to raise money for Golden Paws. They paid $3.00 per day or $10 for the week. We are happy to say that we were able to raise $500 for Golden Paws. President Christi Moorehouse,...

JMCU Management

Board Members Chairman: Dennis Berryhill Vice Chair: Carlos Rivera Secretary: Gretchen Caldwell Treasurer: Jim Christiansen Board Member: Richard Russell Board Member: Gary Stubblefield Board Member: John Houston Supervisory Committee Supervisory Chairman: David...

Visa Rates

VISA Rates Platinum 10.9% APR Preferred Member 11.5% Classic 12.9% Share Secured 15.9%