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At JMCU we understand accounts go unused for many different reasons, you may have moved, or maybe a family member/parent opened an account for you years ago and you had no idea.

However, under federal, state, and NCUA laws and regulations, as well as the credit union bylaws an account that has not had any activity for a period of 12 months is con-sidered dormant. This does NOT include children’s accounts, members with Visa credit cards, CD’s, or IRAs. Accounts without a valid address will be monitored for un-claimed property status.

Prior to a dormant account fee of $25 being charged , a letter is sent to the member re-minding them of inactivity on their account. If no response is received a second letter is sent within 30 days of the first one. If no response after two letters, a fee is then charged to the account in the last month of the quarter.

To prevent your account from going dormant you just need to make at least one deposit, withdrawal, or transfer to the account per year.

Fees are assessed at $25 per year after 12 months of inactivity. The fee shall continue until the balance in the account is zero (closing the account) or until the account becomes active.

Please note that dormant accounts are much more susceptible to fraud, as mem-bers are not reviewing or accessing them on a regular basis.

If a member brings the account to an active status, inactive fees already assessed will not be refunded.